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  • 【Exciting two-person activity】The track can support two people to play at the same time, enjoy fast-paced driving action, and enjoy hours of fun.

  • 【2 operating methods】Electric and manual, both are very friendly. The speed limiter maintains the perfect pace to complete the loop and doesn’t go too fast in the corners. You can experience different gameplays to make your playing more interesting.

  • 【Electric Slot Car Racing Track Set】This track car is made of ABS plastic, stainless steel and electronic components, it is the perfect slot car set for beginner racers

  • 【Tracking lap speed function】Every time the car passes the position of the lap speed recorder, the lap speed recorder will record the number of laps you run, so as to judge who runs the most laps and who has the fastest speed, thereby determining the winner.

  • 【Safety Settings】 Use guardrails at many corners to prevent rushing out of the track too quickly. There is a buckle design next to the track, which is not easy to loosen, so that the track and the track are spliced accurately.

  • Anyone who loves racing can't resist slot car race track set!

    Two remote control modes, electric and hand crank, experience different ways of playing, making it more fun to play

    1. Hand crank mode - no battery needed, use the physical principle to generate electricity, the faster the handle is shaken, the faster the car runs

    2. Electric mode - plug in and play, easy and labor-saving, easy to operate, the speed of the car is controlled by the lightness of the pressing force

    Multiple places on the track are equipped with guardrails to prevent the car from rushing out of the track too fast. includes a number of foundation pieces that help steady the track, along with walls for the turns to prevent the cars from flying off the track.

    No battery is needed, and electricity is generated by physical principles. The faster the handle is shaken, the faster the car will run.

    Plug in the power to play, convenient and labor-saving, easy to operate,The speed is controlled by the pressing force.

    Name: slot car race track set/electric race track/Racing Track Set
    Material: plastic, stainless steel, electronic components
    Track Length: 7.2m(23.6 feet)

    1. The track cannot be used in a humid environment.
    2. The electric brush should be at a 45° angle before placing the trolley to ensure that it is conductive with the track.
    3. If you have any questions on our product received, you can contact us! We will help you solve the problem, even before order! Any further assistance we can do for you, please have no hesitation to reach us

    23.6ft Electric Slot Car Race Car Track Sets Super Loop Speedway with Slot Cars and Hand Controllers Electric Racing Tracks with Headlights and Dual Racing Gifts for Boys Girls Color : Electric - BV85K9C7Q