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  • Classic Skateboard Protective Gear Set for Beginner to Advanced - Whether you are a beginner or the advanced, our Skateboarding Series protection gear would be in your must have list! If you wear our helmet, knee pads and elbow pads wrist guards, you will have the protection to allow yourself to be more confidence during practice.

  • Skateboard Helmet with Multi Function - As designed with multiple vents, special aerodynamic design and breathable foam, the skate helmets help reduce sweating, adjustable straps can adjust and lock the position of the helmet. The helmet would be the essential protective gear for any outdoor sports-lovers.

  • Skateboard Pads with Adjustable Straps - DURABLE, BREATHABLE, FLEXIBLE, WASHABLE! For the Pads, Hard PE Shell, Soft Pads, Elastic and Breathable Polyester fabric with Flexible Straps, PE Bars in the wrist guards. It allows users to enjoy the skateboarding experiences with safety protection to their knee elbow and wrist. Not just Safety but with all elements for Adults, Youth, Teenagers.

  • Our Skateboarding Series Protection gear set is the classic one in the industry, the helmet, Knee pads, Elbow pads and wrist guards is the model been used in the industry for more than 20 years, It grows with many generations of skaters and professional players. The years of experiences and improvement prove the structure of these pads can provide a perfect balance of flexibility and protection for the user to play.

  • Helmet, Knee and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards Set - Helmet x 1, Knee Pad x 2, Elbow Pad x 2, Wrist Guard x 2

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