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  • ★Material introduction: Adopt ABS environmental protection material, smooth, no burr, Chinese herbal medicine, water-based paint, sturdy and durable, safe for the environment, children can also use it with confidence.

  • ★Tracking design details: 360-degree circular track must accelerate when driving to the circular track to prevent the guardrails at the corners and guardrails at various positions on the track from falling when driving; the design close to the track makes the track and the track smooth and precise Ground stitch

  • ★Car racing principle: After opening the track, connect the remote control to the handle, place the car on the track, generate power through the friction between the lower brush and the track, and control the car

  • ★Remote control introduction: crank, turn the corresponding speed forward or backward to slow it down, the faster the speed, the faster the car will travel; the electric remote control, plug in the power to play, the car will move forward or decrease depending on the press Degree

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  • Store Name: LINGLING

    Product name: remote control track racing car

    Product material: ABS plastic stainless steel

    Product color: black

    Product features: single/double play electric/hand mode

    Car ratio: 1:43

    Package type: electric configuration + 2 cars

    Applicable age: 3 years old and above

    Product advantages: exercise children's hand-eye coordination, parent-child interaction, teamwork, and reaction skills

    Maintenance method: wipe with a clean cloth

    PS: Children should be installed and used under the care of their parents.

    Note: The picture is for reference only, the actual product shall prevail

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    LINGLING Electric Track Racing Toy Slot Car Vehicle Race Sets Electric Remote Control Child Boy 3 Years Old Parent-Child Interactive Set Boy and Girl Gifts - B546QKV64