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  • ★ Twin propellers: This ship has two propellers, it has enough power to sail on the water.

  • ★ Power-off function when leaving the water: This ship has a sensor on the water. When it touches the water, it is in the state of power. When it leaves the water, it is powered off and the propeller stops running.

  • ★ 2.4GHz technology: It uses 2.4GHz technology, you can use your controller to control the warship forward, backward, right and left.

  • ★ Waterproof: This warship is waterproof, you don't need to worry about capsizing.

  • ★ Interesting gift: Boys and girls teenagers, mini 1:72 scale, high-speed radio remote control boat.

  • Product Description

    Product Description: Remote Control

    Frequency: 2.4G

    Body battery: 2.4V / 100 20C lithium battery

    Product color: Blue,White,Silver,Gray

    Remote battery: 4 5 # aa (not configured)

    Product Size: 15.5 * 3.85 * 5.7cm

    Charging voltage: 2.4V

    Product packaging specifications: 27 * 7 * 24.5cm

    Machine battery charging time: 10-12 minutes

    Product full range of weight: 248 grams

    Motor: 612 motor (2)

    Product material: electronic components, metal, plastic

    Remote control mode: 2.4G

    Driving time: About 8 minutes

    Remote control distance: 10-15 meters

    Features: forward, backward, right turn, right turn, no water conductivity

    SLBHNM Military RC Naval Ship Vessel Model Remote Control Boat 2.4GHz Remote Control Battleship Waterproof Educational Toys Speedboat Yacht Electric Water. - BJ2HFHPE4