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  • ★Strong waterproof performance: extruded double waterproof design, more waterproof performance. Proportional remote control control, delicate operation accuracy, so that the manipulator is easier to operate, equipped with a high-efficiency motor, with high-magnification battery, so that the continuous will last.

  • ★Time-speed up to 30 + km / h: equipped with high-efficiency water-cooled motor, and high-band high-capacity battery, up to 30 + km / h.Water cycle system cooling device: cooling the motor in operation, reducing the loss of the motor, and extends the life of the motor.

  • ★Automatically stabilize the hull design; guide the water knife and the radial plate on both sides, automatically correct the navigation attitude, to ensure the stability of the navigation process, so that the speedboat will be smooth in a variety of waters.

  • ★When low power, the alarm indicates that when the battery voltage is insufficient, the speedboat will automatically speed up, and the remote control will issue an alert prompt. At this time, the speedboat will be returned. Speedboat and remote control double prompt low pressure warning.

  • ★2.4GHz high frequency remote control system; 2.4GHz ship high frequency wireless system, remote control distance reaches 150 meters, single single single frequency, suitable for many people's same competition.

  • Product Description
    Product Name: High-speed remote control rowing

    Power speed: 30km / h

    During life: about 15 minutes

    Product Size:
    Length: 35cm/13.8in
    Width: 10cm/4in
    HIGH: 9.5cm/4in

    Remote control distance: about 150 meters

    Remote control signal: high frequency 2.4GHz

    Charging method: USB charging

    Charging time: about 2-3 hours

    Remote battery: AA battery 3 (not included)

    Place The Boat On The Water First, Then Open The Controller. Because The Rc Ship Has Motor Protection; Only When The Ship Is Placed On Water, The Propeller Is In Contact With Water And Is Full Of Energy.

    Do Not Touch The Motor And Keep The Vessel Dry After Running To Ensure The Life Of The Boat.

    If The Cabin Is Accidentally Flooded During Play, Open The Lid To Dry.

    Ability cultivation: intelligence development, using hands and brains, grasping, hand-eye coordination, other ability cultivation, interactive toys, interest cultivation.

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    SLBHNM Remote Control Boat-RC Speedboat 30+Mph High Speed Racing Boat for Adults and Kids & Pools and Lakes,Low Battery Alarm,2.4 Ghz Electric RC. - BKC04FS83