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  • ☀ ACCURATE CIRCLE: Can clearly know who can complete the number of laps faster;The track can be varied, large or small, free to play,Detachable track combination is more resistant to play and can exercise children's hands-on ability. 360 corners and various competitive corners to improve the difficulty of competition, cross the track to let children dare to challenge.

  • ☀ MATERIAL INTRODUCTION: Adopt ABS environmental protection material, smooth, no burr, water-based paint, sturdy and durable, safe for the environment, children can also use it with confidence

  • ☀ HANDHELD CONTROLLER AND CROSS TURN BUNWAY: you can control the speed of the car through a variety of handle controllers , chase after the battle. Cross-bend track, the track has a variety of competitive sections, cross-running all kinds of corner hairpin bends and more 360° circular runway

  • ☀ PRODUCT FUNCTION: The track is equipped with guardrails to prevent the speed from being too fast to directly rush out of the track;the ramp has ramps, lanes, corners; The track model uses a slope design that knocks down the car and wins the game.

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  • Children's track toys, building themed racing track set

    Product Name: Construction Track Toy Set

    Recommended age: 3 years old and above

    Battery Installation Guide - Electric vehicles do not contain batteries.

    Build a realistic industrial site to stimulate children's creativity

    This racing toy can exercise children's thinking ability and hands-on ability. Build a realistic industrial site now and inspire your kids' creativity! It's never too late to start developing your toddler's creativity, let your child learn while playing and learning is never boring.

    Wider and more flexible tracks can be entrenched for added adventure. Combining two larger cars, the complex and varied circuit on the track becomes a reality.

    Easy to assemble, but will stimulate your child's imagination, practice hand-eye coordination and problem solving, while developing your child's collaboration and social skills.

    Encouraging creativity is the key to success in teaching children today. Children can acquire a strong sense of colour, geometric shapes (including 3D shapes, numbers, counting and architectural designs) at an early age. The perfect educational gift for timeless school-aged children.

    Xue Mei Zi Track Racing Toys Children's Electric Slot Car Vehicle Race Sets Educational Toys Parent-Child Interactive Remote Control Car Double Set Boy Gift Color : 6.6m - BCBPON0FT